Whitewater Racing in Salida

The Upper Arkansas River is known as some of the best whitewater in the country, home to too many epic runs to mention and the ever-popular Brown’s Canyon, a nationally renowned stretch of whitewater that accommodates peaceful floats and monster rapids all in a single trip. When it comes to whitewater racing in Salida, look no further than the FIBArk festival to wet your appetite!

FIBArk for Beginners

The FIBArk festival (which stands for First In Boating on the Arkansas) started in 1949, is the oldest whitewater festival in the United States, and is held annually in mid-June in Salida. It is THE place to be if you’re a whitewater enthusiast, and entails 4 packed days of river rat heaven. Here’s the short list of whitewater racing events you’ll find at FIBArk if you’re looking for competitions to enter:

  • Numbers Boater Races
  • Freestyle Kayak
  • Raft Sprint
  • SUP Surf Competitions
  • SUP Surf Cross (Demo Derby SUP Style)
  • Slalom Races
  • Downriver Raft, SUP, Kayak, and Canoe Races
  • Hooligan Race (A Make-Your-Own Whitewater Raft Race)

And if those whitewater options don’t peak your interest in the FIBark festival, there’s plenty of foam around the taps at free concerts and other fun events running throughout this 4 day whitewater racing extravaganza!