Run Through Time Race

Hosted by the Chaffee County Running Club (CCRC), the Run Through Time Race is one of the club’s longest recurring races. Earlier in 2020 was the race’s 15th occurrence. The race consists of marathon, half marathon, and two-mile fun run options to allow for runners at various experience levels. The route is tried and true and is on the historic Ute Trail which has beautiful views but a rather tough terrain. 

Let’s talk more about the route options. While the CCRC has a very detailed description of the course route and conditions posted, here are some of the highlights. The marathon route faces the highest elevation and the most rocky road conditions of the race options. Starting near the base of the mountain range, the course snakes and loops steadily up the range, heading north east from the Salida city center before completing the loop and running back down to the finish at the base near the start. The half marathon route has a similar path at the start to the full marathon but then will have some detours from the marathon course, leading runners through other trails before rejoining the marathon trail that heads back to the finish. Finally, the two-mile fun run sticks mainly the dirt roads from the beginning of the marathon course. Each course is challenging in its own respect and features some difficult terrain that require more technical skills from the runners. 

Runners looking to register for the Run Through Time Race can do so through the CCRC race website when registration becomes available. The marathon entrance fee is $85 while the half marathon is $65. For the 2020 race, the CCRC restricted registration to 150 for both the full and half marathon but left the fun run open to all runners. You can look through the results of past years of the race and maybe even measure up your time! While finishing the race is reward enough, the CCRC does their best to record the race finishers, and the top three finishers for both women and men runners receive a prize. 

To get a better glimpse of the race and the scenery of the course, this photo album on the CCRC website features neat photos of the athletes and the vistas. The Run Through Time Race keeps runners and spectators alike coming back each year for this CCRC tradition that hopefully will continue.